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Our products

Why choose San Ignacio?

Since 1939, we produce Argentine dulce de leche following its original recipe

A product
for people passionate about flavor

We have the graciousness
and versatility needed to transform a simple recipe into a delicacy


Since 2013, BRC is a standard issued by the British Retail Consortium aimed at guaranteeing best practices in production. It follows the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius and demands the development of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program.

By having a high-quality documented management system, complying with environmental standards in our facilities, holding top-level quality assurance and control for our goods and processes, and constantly training our personnel, we were able to obtain an AA-grade rating.

In Argentina, only 70 companies are BRC certified. This denotes our commitment to offering our consumers the greatest level of protection.

Since 1978 when we commercialized our products abroad for the first time, we’ve been the only dairy company in Argentina authorized to export our products to the European Union. This validation expounds the importance of having our dairy farms comply with global standards.

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Our story

The story of San Ignacio begins in 1939 in the city of Rosario in Santa Fe, Argentina, when Don Ignacio Rodríguez Soto decides to set off into the adventure of dairy farming.

Don Ignacio’s conviction and passion account for the company’s sustained growth over time.

Little by little, our products were distributed throughout the entire country. This led to the need to expand our processing plant so in 1997, it moved to Sauce Viejo. No more than a year later, in August 1998, the company acquired a new plant in the city of Hipatia.

In 2011 a brand new chapter in our history began in hand with investments in technology, infrastructure, and training our employees to implement and apply the strictest production processes to our goods while maintaining the quality and personalized dedication we had always used to obtain products of the highest purity.

But our story is not only about dulce de leche. We also produce cheese in the same spirit. So much so that in 2006, our blue cheese was awarded the best in the country – a title that makes us feel our hard work pays off.

Every year our dairies process over 27 million liters of milk to produce dulce de leche, cheese, and fresh products sold both to the mass market as well as to the industrial market. We are proud that brands trust our track record, tradition, and quality to place us at the very heart of their products.

Our dairy farms


Our first dairy is located in Sauce Viejo. Here we produce our dulces de leche, fresh products, and creams.


Our second dairy, located in Hipatia, is entirely dedicated to the production and processing of artisanal cheeses.